Fruitful Way


代表者:Udi Alroy
Fruitful Way innovative solutions are based on extensive data driven analysis of specific health conditions. These data enable us to provide a highly personalized actionable recommendations and a full set of Call to Action embedded in our App and website. Fruitful Way specialize in a direct response model, working with our customers along with an extensive referral and cross sales network.

We have identified a great need for couples in their 30s and 40s that are trying to get pregnant. This unique and newly formed couple’s seek information on how to get pregnant fast. These are educated and seeking couples, all share a common goal and are providing multiple data points enabling an enhanced risk analysis. Getting pregnant in your 30s is much harder as fertility potential decrease in both men and women. The awareness of the male role is increasing and therefore, must be addressed. Fruitful Way solution provide a comprehensive solution which manages all lifestyle aspects including psychology, relationship and behavior along with a personalized recommendations to over come our lifestyle inefficiencies.

Fruitful Trim is a personalized, scientifically developed lifestyle management solution that helps family members, especially children, reach and maintain their ideal weight and protect against obesity-related health damage. Fruiful Trim integrates a comprehensive family-engagement app. The solution focuses on the family as a single unit, while providing targeted motivational app-based to-dos, success tracking and lifestyle recommendations for each individual family member.